Home Finance Stellar Lumens Steps in the Spotlight After 12.38% Price Spike

Stellar Lumens Steps in the Spotlight After 12.38% Price Spike


Stellar Lumens recently showed us why so many people are putting their trust in it. We are talking about what happened yesterday, February 14th. All top 10 cryptocurrencies that the market has to offer went down in value while Stellar Lumens did the exact opposite.

Instead of following the herd and dropping value, Stellar Lumens went up by 6%. Things get even better than this because Stellar Lumens kept on growing until it reached a 12.48% premium.

Stellar Lumens Steps in the Spotlight

Truth be told, Stellar Lumens is still a new cryptocurrency. The likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum have been around for years while Stellar Lumens is still looking for its rightful place on the market. Although, we need to admit that it’s quite impressive that Stellar Lumens sits in the top 10 chart even though it’s still new to the market.

Now that the spotlight is shinning on Stellar Lumens, the XLM token is expected to grow even higher. This is how most cryptocurrencies gain value. They make an unexpected surge in value and more investors start putting money on it, thus increasing the price per token.

Popularity Plays an Important Role

While Stellar Lumens might be a third-generation cryptocurrency, this doesn’t mean that it’s going to have problems competing against Bitcoin and Ethereum. Popularity plays a major role in the cryptocurrency world since there are hundreds of instances when the prices of altcoins went up or down because of recent news or even rumors.

Therefore, considering that Stellar Lumens is one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies, we can assume that the future is looking bright for people who purchased some XLM tokens at the right time. Nonetheless, the XLM token is worth $0.426580 as of now and the total market capitalization sits at over $7.8 billion.