Starbucks App for Windows Phone Users to Release Next Month

Starbucks App for Windows Phone Users to Release Next Month


Microsoft has been a true pioneer and the leader in the markets when it comes to the world of operating systems and software technology.

The company has been coming out with updates and upgrades, and has, over the past several years, changed the way we know the markets to be.

With major releases coming their way, Microsoft has helped introduce many innovations in the world of technology time and again, and the company has been doing a fantastic job at releasing and updating Operating Systems.

However, the Windows 10 Mobile OS has been the one which needs the most attention as of now, and that Microsoft has been doing of late.

The company has been focusing on getting more and more apps to their platform, as that is where they have been lagging out on, and Microsoft intends to make these changes rather quickly, if they have to survive in the markets.

The company has now been getting many apps on-board with their Windows 10 devices and the latest name that is being said to have joined the Windows 10 Mobile phone family of applications is that of Starbucks! Yes, a Starbucks Windows Phone app is finally going to be made.

“[Our] team has been working in partnership with Microsoft and we are within 30 to 45 days of releasing a Windows Phone app,” said COO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson. The Starbucks app has been rather popular, as it allows the users to pay for the coffee, track their reward points, as well as order coffee on the go from the phone. The Windows 10 Mobile OS had been lacking out on the Starbucks app.

However, the users still had the option of using Gift Cards to earn rewards, or even use Microsoft bands for the same.

This marks a major strategy change for Starbucks too, as a Starbucks customer service representative had said last year that the Starbucks app wasn’t coming for the Windows Phone devices because the company focuses on “platforms where we see the greatest opportunity,” and Windows wasn’t one of them.

That was before Johnson became the COO of the company. With him in power now, Starbucks too is moving a progressive pace. Kevin Johnson, the COO of Starbucks, is also a former Microsoft Windows Division President.