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SpellForce 3 Review: A Mix of RPG and RTS


Spellforce 3 has been released about two weeks ago and for those that haven’t got to play it yet, you can find it on Steam for 49,99€. Getting an extra DLC with some more content will cost you 7,99€. What should you expect from the newest installment? Let’s check out the plot, gameplay and all its features.

Spellforce 3 Gameplay

Think of the Spellforce 3 as the perfect blend between RPG, similar to Baldur’s Gate and the RTS style of Age of Empires. Doesn’t that sound cool and a bit odd?

Although it does, the story is so well written, that it makes sense to sometimes switch from the RPG mode to the RTS style. You won’t just go heads first with your small party against an enemy army. That’s when you’re going to send your own troops.

The game contains a lot of Easter eggs, making references to Dragon Age and The Witcher, adding some charm through the story and detailed settings for side quests.

A Unique Experience

Of course, there are some things the game lacks, like involving you in the larger conflict. The most important battles of the game seem to happen only in the cut-scenes or in the text descriptions that appear in loading screens, which is a bit frustrating. The companions are not memorable; like what we’ve seen in ‘Divinity: Original Sin 2’.

But all of these things that we would want to see go against what the developers are focused on: simplicity. The combat mode for you and your companions is easy: all you have to do is hold ‘Alt’ key over an enemy and choose the action from wheel that pops up. Simplicity will also remove unique buildings for the different races in the game.

As for the RTS sequences, you will have to build your base and gather resources, similar to what we’ve seen in the previous games. It also has a co-op mode with no more than 3 players, going for the traditional feel of the RPG style.

But Spellforce 3 is mostly an RPG, keeping the story personal and rewards you with an interesting loot system and gear drop. It cannot compete with either pure isometric RTS games or pure RPG games, but mixing these together it will deliver a great and unique gaming experience.