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Sony PlayStation 5 Is Rumored To Launch This Year With An AMD Chip & VR Benefits


Sony is definitely known more for its PlayStation brand of game consoles rather than for its smartphone lineup.

Latest leaked specs claim that the next generation of game consoles, the PlayStation 5 may be waiting in the shadow for its 2018 release and it may also include a custom AMD chipset.

The PlayStation 5 may come this year

The upcoming PlayStation 5 will reportedly have a custom-made AMD Zen chipset on the Navi architecture which is a successor to the gaming-friendly Ryzen chips that have been giving Intel’s Core series quite a rough time in the PC area.

There are not so many hints that suggest the console’s arrival in 2018 aside from a few rumors saying that many development kits have allegedly gone out to game developers.

SemiAccurate obtained the leaked info and considering that it was also right when dealing with similar leaks about the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch or Microsoft’s Xbox One, it might be right now as well.

On the other hand, we’re looking at the news with the necessary dose of skepticism because there isn’t any official announcement yet.

Benefits for VR

The AMD chip that is supposed to be included in the PlayStation 5 will reportedly include some VR advantages. It would make it easier to develop VR content for the platform. This would definitely be a significant leap from the PlayStation 4 and the Pro variant.

We don’t have any indications that the PlayStation 5 would be anything more than an evolution of PlayStation 4 Pro, power-wise, but Sony may include some optimizations or some kind of unique perk to set this console apart and make it much more than a simple evolutionary step.

If the console gets launched this year, there will still be more PlayStation 4 games released for some time because after all, the PlayStation 4 Pro was just launched 2 years ago.