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Someone Forgot Pixel 3 in the Back Seat of a Lyft


It has been proven over and over that keeping a secret in the tech industry is nearly impossible. The perfect example of this is how every crucial detail about Galaxy Note 9 leaked months before the smartphone was even announced. Not just that, but Apple’s iPhone XS which is scheduled to launch on September 12th has also leaked and we don’t have to wait until Apple decides to reveal the next-generation iPhone in order to see it.

Pixel 3 Leak

Just like Samsung and Apple run into bad luck and their flagship smartphones were leaked, Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 surfaced on the web. The funny thing about this is that unlike Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS which were leaked online, someone forgot an unreleased Pixel 3 in the backseat of a Lyft.

Big Mistake

The person who was carrying the unreleased Pixel 3 and forgot it in the Lyft ride is sure going to have lots of questions to answer. Nonetheless, the Lyft driver owns a Pixel 2 and this made it easy for him to spot that the smartphone which has been left on the back seat of his car is none other than the upcoming Google flagship smartphone that is said to launch in October so he took a couple of pictures of it.

iPhone X Replica

The images posted by the Lyft driver prove to everyone that the next-generation Android flagship smartphone is going to be another iPhone X replica. While the design might not look bad at all, we have to admit that this is concerning news for Pixel fans.

Pixel smartphones are known to represent a “pure” Android experience and the fact that they look just like iPhone X is surely going to affect the smartphone’s sales. Let’s hope Google comes up with a clever marketing strategy because things are not looking well.


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