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Snapchat Launches New Lenses That Respond to Voice Commands


Snapchat fans should be happy to know that they are getting a brand-new set of lenses! Although, these are not regular lenses since they are activated by voice and not by movement. Therefore, the new lenses will not require people to make any facial gestures like raising their eyebrows to be activated.

The only thing that Snapchat fans need to know in order to activate the new lenses is that they have to say English words such as “WoW”, “Hello” or “Love” for example.

Snapchat Rolls Out New Lenses

The cool lenses will start rolling out today they will be featured in the carousel slider where all other lenses usually are. Moreover, Snapchat’s UI (user interface) will display a guide on how to use these lenses for users who are accessing them for the first time. Also worth noting is that the lenses respond only to pre-selected English words.

If the new lenses prove to be a success and Snapchat fans love them, then we can be sure that the developers will release different versions of them. Not just that, but the developers might also consider introducing support for different languages.

Not the First Audio Lenses

We should mention that this is not the first time that Snapchat meddles with lenses that are activated by voice. The first time that Snapchat rolled audio lenses was back in May when it launched a couple of animal masks that changed their expression based on what type of sound the user made. The animal masks were popular and Snapchat promised that it will release additional sound lenses.

Snapchat is Evolving

If there’s something we can take from Snapchat’s latest update, then it must be that the developers are always looking towards the future and that they will keep introducing innovative features through every new update.