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Snapchat Beta is Out, Come and Get it


A picture is worth a thousand words, and with how versatile and convenient Snapchat is, you can write entire books in a matter of minutes. People absolutely love taking photos and sharing photos with their friends and family.

Snapchat is one of the biggest apps out there when it comes to taking pictures, and if you think of yourself as a selfie queen or king, you probably already have this app installed. But just like any other app, Snapchat receives period updates and the latest one to be made available is Snapchat Beta. Curious about what’s inside?

What’s new?

This Snapchat build doesn’t cover a lot of ground in terms of features, but it makes up for it by tinkering with the way the app works.  This build makes it a lot easier to do all the things you love doing in Snapchat, because a lot of the existent bugs and problems have been eradicated. Now you can enjoy a Snapchat experience that’s cleaner than ever, but you need install Snapchat Beta first. The fact that it only takes a moment should be compelling enough to update immediately.

Woah, using Beta?

Yes, the latest patch for Snapchat is Beta, meaning that you might experience some inconveniences here or there. However that’s not guaranteed and you might just be able to enjoy the app just fine without any distractions. But using a Beta app is about much more than just enjoying yourself. It’s about impacting the community in a huge way. Not only will you grace the web with your selfies, but you will also contribute to how Snapchat is made and tweaked. Your feedback is essential and you should definitely chip in by providing information about your experience with the latest update. If there are any weird bugs or problems you encounter, the fastest way to see them go away is by telling Snapchat about it.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to start your adventure with Snapchat Beta, the only thing left to do is to actually download the update into you phone. You can either do this over the air through your phone’s app store service, or through an APK website that provides the APK file for this newest Snapchat build.  Both variants get the job done, so it’s just a matter of which you find easier. Maybe you can’t get on your platform’s app store right now, but really want the Snapchat update, so then you just download the APK and install it manually. It’s really easy and only takes about a minute either way. After that, you’re free to start taking those snaps and entertain your friends with some killer selfies.