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Skype Gets Cortana As Its New AI Assistant


Microsoft made an important announcement recently. It appears that Skype will get its very own assistant AI, and it is one that users already know: Cortana. The assistant is already available for Android and iOS users in the United States, and we do not know yet when it will reach the rest of the world.

Since Cortana is already popular with Windows 10 users, and more than 140 million people talk to it at least once a month, users should have no problem getting used to Cortana for Skype.

Cortana will become your personal secretary

Since many persons use Skype for work, Cortana will be a useful addition. The AI assistant will take care of your tasks and you can ask it to perform simple functions. For example, you can summon Cortana in a conversation and make it look for nearby locations, such as a restaurant, or it can even schedule your events. Cortana will be able to even make restaurant reservations.

Additionally, it can help you in the middle of a conversation by suggesting different replies or options based on your chat. For example, if you are making plans, Cortana might recommend you to Create a reminder, and it can suggest you answers to common questions such as “How are you?”. You should know that for the moment Cortana is only available for written chats and you can’t use it in video or voice calls, but Skype video bots should be on their ways.

Chat one-on-one with Cortana

You should know that it is also possible to talk to Cortana like a regular friend, and the new assistant will be a permanent contact in your contact list. You can even ask her directly for IMDB reviews or the weather forecast, and you will get your answer.