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Skyforge Early Access Available on Xbox One


Skyforge first came out back in 2015, but it was available only for PC players. However, it seems like the developers want to appeal to a larger audience since they recently opened the “Early Access” version of the game for Xbox One players. We should also mention that PS4 players have been able to enjoy Skyforge for a couple of months now.

Skyforge Available on Xbox One

Xbox One owners should be happy to know that Skyforge is finally available for them. This game is a MMORPG and its entirely free to play. The game features a never seen before Sci-Fi/Fantasy world called “Aelion”. Players will get the opportunity to jump in the game and become an immortal that needs to save the world and repel back the invaders who are trying to take rule over Aelion.

Free to Play

As previously mentioned, the game is available in the Early Access system. This system is providing players with three different packs that contain valuable in-game items. The first pack is the Standard Edition and it contains 10000 Argents (in-game currency) and a week-long subscription. The second pack is called the Deluxe Pack and it contains double the amount of Argents as the previous bundle. Although, this pack also unlocks the Berserker Class.

Lastly, we have the Gold Pack. This pack offers a bundle of in-game features that every player is going to love! The Gold Pack offers 40000 Argents, a new Gunner class, the berserker Class, an exclusive Glider Mount and to top it all off, the gold pack also features 60 days of subscription time.

Skyforge’s combat system is based on combos and clever use of spells. Therefore, players who are serious about getting into the game should considering download the Early Access version of it which will help them be ahead of the curve.