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SHAREit 4.0.38 Update with Three New Features is Now Available


The latest version of SHAREit is now available! This version sports the “4.0.38” build number and it introduces three main features. Today we are going to go over the three features that this new update brings and see how much it improves SHAREit’s performance. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

SHAREit 4.0.38 Update

The developers who are in charge of SHAREit are saying that the main goal for this latest update is to improve user experience and to enhance the built-in video player. The first feature that SHAREit fans will notice is the addition of offline short videos. This is a great feature which is going to make using SHAREit a more enjoyable experience.

Moving on, the second feature that’s being introduced alongside this latest update goes hand in hand with the first one. The reason we are saying this is because this second feature optimizes the built-in video player so that it recognizes all sorts of video formats and play them faster at the same time.

Faster Access to Content

Another great feature that SHAREit fans will get to enjoy is the ability to access content much faster than usual. The new update adjusts the page layout for SHAREit so that it makes it easier for fans to find whatever content they enjoy watching the most.

Highlight Features

Now that we presented the top three features which are being introduced in the latest “4.0.38” update, we’re going to go over some of the highlight features that makes SHAREit so popular. The first thing we mention about SHAREit is that it’s able to share files at a speed of 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Moreover, the app can transfer all sorts of files from one smartphone to another. SHAREit fans will never face any issues when it comes to the app’s range of supported files because SHAREit is able to share any type of format starting with photos and ending with full-on apps.