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Samsung Reveals Galaxy Tab S4 with Large Immersive Screen, New Book Cover and DeX Mode (Video)


Today Samsung published its quarterly earnings for 2018 and things didn’t look good. Samsung announced that its disappointed in Galaxy S9 sales and it seems like seeing this forced the South Korean tech giant to reveal a brand-new device!

The device we are talking about is none other than the highly anticipated Galaxy Tab S4 and Samsung revealed it one hour ago through a 5-minute video which you will find posted down below.

Introducing Galaxy Tab S4

Tech analysts were speculating that Samsung plans to launch Galaxy Tab S4 at the same time with Galaxy Note 9 and it looks like these speculations are proved to be true.

Samsung posted a video on the company’s official YouTube channel and it unveiled all the exciting features that Galaxy Tab S4 will have to offer. With that said, let’s check out everything there is to know about Galaxy Tab S4.

Large Immersive Screen

The first thing that Samsung introduces in the Galaxy Tab S4 reveal is the fact that the tablet will ship with a “large immersive screen”. Not just that, but Samsung also slimmed down the bezels and increased the pixel density to make the tablet even better for watching media!

Quad Speakers

Since Samsung focused on making Galaxy Tab S4 a perfect device for watching media, the tech giant also made sure to equip it with quad speakers. The cool thing about these speakers is that AKG tuned them and this goes along perfectly with Galaxy Tab S4’s Dolby Atmos surround sound for an immersive movie experience.

New Book Cover and Samsung DeX

The tablet ships with a brand-new book cover that makes it easier for people to be productive while on the go. To make things even better, Galaxy Tab S4 features a special mode called Samsung DeX which makes the tablet’s interface UI look just like a computer.