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Samsung Patents The Phrase “Hello Samsung”


Recent reports are showing that Samsung has patented the “Samsung Hello” phrase. This patent was filed to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).  The South Korean tech giant has filed for this trademark to be patented on February 8th. From the file we can tell that “Samsung Hello” is related to some kind of mobile and PC software.

Fortunately, the company’s officials came out and confirmed what Samsung Hello will does. This will be used to personalize content among other things. Additionally, this feature will have voice recognition and it will be able to schedule appointments. This is sounding like Samsung Hello might actually be a virtual assistant. This is quite interesting since everyone knows that Samsung is more than surely going to use Bixby as Galaxy S8’s personal assistant.

The South Korean tech giant acquired Bixby a couple of months ago. Bixby is a company that specializes in creating artificial intelligence personal assistants. In fact, Bixby is supposedly even better than Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. This why everyone is speculating that Samsung Hello is actually just an extension to Bixby.

What’s interesting is that receiving a trademark certification from EUIPO takes a couple of months and Galaxy S8 is slated to be launched in late February. The Samsung fan community believes that Samsung Hello will be integrated in the device’s operating system through an OTA (over the air) update in the upcoming months. We can expect that Samsung will unveil additional details about this new AI feature during the company’s MWC event.

Nonetheless, the fact that Samsung Hello has been trademarked it means that Samsung is focusing more on artificial intelligence. The company is infamous for being reluctant to use artificial intelligence features in its devices. Seeing that Google and Apple which are Samsung’s biggest competition are already using AI assistants must have pushed Samsung the extra mile.

We can expect that Bixby and Samsung Hello will be installed on all of Samsung’s devices and not just Galaxy S8. Maybe Samsung TV sets will come with vocal assistants. This will definitely give Samsung’s devices a big edge over their competition.