Samsung Pass Access to Financial Apps via Iris

Samsung Pass Access to Financial Apps via Iris


As it seems, Samsung will take advantage of the iris scanning technology in order to let you instantly open financial apps on the new Note 7. On Tuesday, at Unpacked, the Korean company announced that the upcoming device, Galaxy Note 7, will be the first device that will enable you to unlock it through iris recognition. Moreover, the Samsung Pass facility also lets you only use your eyes for opening some apps, especially those that contain private information about your financial situation.

Internet and mobile banking has become a common thing these days, so no wonder everybody is concerned with the security of their data and personal info. Many companies chose to use fingerprint scanners in order to protect their users’ information, but according to the experts, iris scanning is even more secure.

However, making the Pass feature compatible with all financial apps is not an easy job. As such, Samsung is negotiating with 6 banks: US Bank, KEB Hana Bank, Bank of America, Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank. Nevertheless, the company did not reveal how far into negotiations they currently are with their potential partners. We don’t have an official date for releasing the Samsung Pass technology for banking apps either.

The idea behind this step is a very smart one actually. The iris unlocking will replace any username and passwords, and not necessarily just for banking apps. You could be able to use it also for documents, folders and other apps you want to keep confidential. Note 7 also includes a fingerprint scanner, so you can combine both scanners for the best data protection you can get at the moment on the market. It remains to be seen how many people will choose this type of protection.


  1. Interesting to see how long it will take for more companies to get on board.

  2. Iris scanner? Fingerprint scanner? All that really needed is apps to require a unlock pin… Problem solved without over complicating things

  3. I get your point, but it’s an easy argument to make that fingerprint sensors are faster and more convenient for people than a PIN code

  4. I have no doubt that it will catch on and be widely used in the future. I love the idea, look at your device and it’s unlocked. Even faster then the fingerprint one! Next : retina scanner…

  5. There is already research to duplicate a fingerprint and add electrical conductivity to fool fingerprint scanners. I would presume this would be more challenging for an iris? So many innovations were thought useless for people resistant to change or a different approach. Thankfully innovators continue pushing the envelope. Android offers choice, if you don’t want to pay for the hardware you don’t anticipate using, choose another brand.