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Samsung launches “Galaxy Experience Program” – Free Phones for One Month


Samsung and Apple come each year with all sorts of new marketing strategies that aim to attract new customers from the opposing “camp”. Samsung’s strategy this year is very interesting, and the company offers to those who were thinking of buying an iPhone (or any of the other companies’ products) the opportunity to test a Galaxy S8 or Note8 for free. The campaign is called the “Galaxy Experience Program” and is currently only available in South Korea.

Although the campaign is not presented as part of Samsung vs. Apple “conflict”, the Galaxy Experience Program begins on December 1, two days before the launch of the new iPhone X in South Korea. Those who want to test a top Galaxy smartphone have from today and until December 27th to sign up for the program through an online form. There aren’t too many limitations for the willing, but the participants’ places are limited.

On Nov. 30, Samsung will announce the 10,000 “winners” of those enrolled who will receive for one month a Galaxy S8 or Note8 smartphone that they can pick up between December 1-11 at Samsung Digital Plaza stores. The purpose of the program is to present Samsung smartphones exactly as they are, allowing users to convince themselves whether their experience is superior to competition or not. This strategy is really courageous, especially when moving from one operating system to another (from iOS to Android).

Perhaps if this campaign is to have the desired success in South Korea, by converting a few iOS users to “Galaxy” phones it could expand to other regions.