Samsung Is Getting Closer To Launch An Innovative Flexible Display

Samsung Is Getting Closer To Launch An Innovative Flexible Display


Samsung is undoubtedly the biggest tech manufacturer worldwide right now, being involved in all tech departments starting from washing machines and going up to smartphones. The past year has been filled with ups and down for the South Korean tech giant. Samsung had great success with its Galaxy S7 flagship device but its other Galaxy Note 7 phablet caused a whole fiasco which tainted the company’s name. During the past few months a couple of reports were pointing out that Samsung is about to make a strong comeback in 2017 with a flexible display.

Gladly, the flexible display isn’t just a rumor anymore since a few Samsung insiders from South Korea disclosed that the tech giant will unveil this unique device during the third quarter of 2017. In fact, Samsung was reportedly working on a flexible prototype a few years ago but chose not to unveil it because their already existing devices were selling rather well.

While a folding device might not seem so practical at a first glance, it will actually bring user experience to another level. The gadget will be smaller and it will be easier to carry around. What’s more interesting is that using this method Samsung can double a device’s screen size while still keeping it portable.

Taking in consideration how many great devices have been announced during CES in Las Vegas, and that all major tech companies will refresh their flagship lineups during the upcoming months, it’s safe to say that 2017 will be a great year in terms of gadgets. It looks like every day technology advances and if Samsung unveils this unique device we can be sure that other companies will follow in their steps and we’ll see more innovative devices along the way.


  1. Get ready to buy new samsung flexible phones in 2017. Korean smartphone maker is going to introduced Samsung bendable phones with flexible screen.

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  3. Don’t you count Apple out just yet. They have a ton of money to continue this battle. They know what they have to do. And they are up to the task.

  4. What r you talking about, you and I both know Samsung doesn’t think up their own ideas, Apple has been on this in development for 3-4 years.

  5. J LeRoy Hirst Samsung introduced the concept of a foldable display at CES 2013, which means they were working on it well before.