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Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs Reveled in Retail Box Leak


We think it’s safe to say that Galaxy S9 is the most anticipated smartphone of 2018. Even though Apple’s upcoming flagship device might be cutting in close in terms of popularity, Galaxy S9 is scheduled to be unveiled during the next months and this is going to make it the most powerful smartphone until Apple’s releases its next flagship and puts out some competition.

Leaked Retail Box

Nonetheless, the reason why Galaxy S9 is making headlines today is because a recent leak shows us the smartphone’s full specs! Traditionally specs leaks come from production lines, but this time things have changed because Galaxy S9’s retail box has been leaked.

Even though Samsung doesn’t want any important information about Galaxy S9 to be leaked out until the MWC event when the device is supposed to come out, we already know everything there is to know. Without any further ado, let’s see what Galaxy S9 has to offer.

Hardware Specs

First off, Galaxy S9 will retain the Infinity Edge display that features Quad HD+ Super AMOLED technology. This is great news for Samsung fans because it means Galaxy S9 is going to look sleek and that the device will be great for watching videos.

Moreover, the smartphone will be available with 64GB of internal storage space and 4GB of RAM. While the RAM amount might not be that big, Samsung is known for optimizing its devices to perform amazing with only 4GB of RAM, just like Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Another great feature that Galaxy S9 will be equipped with is wireless charging. Things get even better since Galaxy S9 will ship with earphones that are tuned by AKG, the same company which did an amazing job of leveling Galaxy S8’s earphones.