Samsung Galaxy S8 – Microsoft Continuum To Be Included?

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Microsoft Continuum To Be Included?


Now that 2017 is here, every Android fan is highly anticipating Samsung to launch its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship. The South Korean company is expected to take the market by storm with its new flagship smartphone that’s rumored to be filled with innovative features, especially since Samsung needs to make up for the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and win back its customer’s trust.

The internet is buzzing with rumors and leaked information surrounding Samsung’s upcoming flagship and right now rumor has it that Samsung is going to completely innovate Galaxy S8’s operating system by adding Microsoft’s Continuum feature. This might look like Samsung is copying Microsoft Windows Phone but this shouldn’t come as any surprise since the South Korean based tech giant has an infamous reputation for shamelessly copying designs. In fact, Samsung actually has a 132 page guide for its tech developers that shows them how to copy Apple’s iPhone.

You might be wondering why Continuum is so important, well it significantly improves the multi tasking functionality of any mobile handset by allowing users to connect mouse and keyboards to it. Samsung users will be able to seamlessly switch between their smartphone and PC platform at ease and even tether their devices directly to monitors.

This information was posted on a Windows Blog by Steve Litchfield, who stated that he received the leaked picture from a Samsung insider that he doesn’t want to name. Continuum looks like it’s still in the development phase but if this proves to be true, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 work space functionality will increase by a large margin. While this is still a rumor and it hasn’t been proven true, it’s great seeing that Samsung is trying to find new ways of enhancing their devices.


  1. Agreed, better have at least HTC 10/iPhone 7 speaker setup, no excuses for it not to have it now. Speaker on the S6/S7 is just underwhelming and definitely can use big improvements there.

    Also getting rid of that soft plastic rear flash thing where the heart rate monitor too and putting glass on it at least. That thing gets scratched so easily despite babying the device. Home button I am assuming is going to be dropped as well so no more easy to scratch raised home button either now

  2. I don’t know….my HTC 10 speakers are missing something….not as loud as I would hope.

  3. Wrong. They just aren’t loud due to waterproofing. Before Apple waterproofed the iPhone, there speakers weer simply loud. Loud and terrible! Have you ever criticized them? NOPE!

    The fact the Galaxy speakers sound just find. Its not like anyone is sitting around listening to music from them. And if any idiot is when the phone comes with headphone,s then they like you are stupid and ignorant to begin with.

    The only reason you come here is to criticize Samsung for a phone you have no plans to own.

    Everything that comes out your mouth about Samsung is negative. You are a negative POS. Why don’t you stay your retarded ass in your Apple articles.

    We already know the S8 will be better than Anything Apple will have for at least 3 years

  4. I have to ask, …..why?
    Dual speakers on something that small, I’ve heard several examples and the stereo effect is really minimal unless its very very specific in the stuff playing it.

    Only thing it seems to do is make people think it sounds so great that their surroundings when they are out in public have to listen in too..which is just annoying.