Samsung Galaxy S8 – Launch Date Postponed

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Launch Date Postponed


Right now the internet is buzzing with rumors and speculations surrounding Samsungs’ upcoming 2017 flagship Galaxy S8, but the South Korean tech giant is keeping its mouth shut and not unveiling any details so the only thing fans have left is to wait for the Mobile World Congress event where Samsung traditionally launches their flagships but this might not be the case. According to recent reports, Samsung is expected to push back Galaxy S8’s launch date into April or March.

The reason why Samsung is delaying the release date is because the company wants to complete all the testing processes in order to avoid any unexpected problems and also to give their marketing department more time to advertise the product. This seems to be the right move, especially when considering the amount of problems Samsung faced because of Note 7’s faulty design. What went wrong with Note 7 is that Samsung rushed and released the device without going through the testing phase and a major problem was overlooked, the battery would somehow overcharge and explode thus the reason why the company’s marketing team needs time to make Samsung devices appealing once again.

In terms of company profits, the Note 7 fiasco caused Samsung to lose all of its momentum. The company’s sales percentages declined mainly because the South Korean company was forced to recall their mobile devices and to repay their customers. Also, the fourth quarter of 2016 won’t bring any huge profits to them because customers are more inclined to buy a newly released smartphone during the Christmas Holidays. Nonetheless, we can expect Samsung to create a near flawless device and to fill it with innovative features so that they can regain their top spot once again.

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  1. I am ready to move to Android/Samsung from the iphone.
    So Chommon with it… Chommooon! Hee Hee.

  2. I really hope they don’t abandon the headphone jack…. I’d take a headphone jack over better speakers and/or a thinner phone any day of the year. No headphone jack is a deal breaker for me.

  3. Not for me.. USB C can handle audio and video.. Many use Bluetooth.. Time to ditch the headphone jack and make it a user add-on.. Like the image which is a USB C to Charging + Headphone.. Which is actually better than having cables coming out of the top & bottom of your phone.

    So when you say you hope they don’t abandon it, does that mean you aren’t open to it being combined with the the charging port like mentioned?

  4. Please do NOT remove the headphone jack. That has me rethinking my 6 years of Samsung loyalty.

  5. IR Blaster. Surprised to see how many others commented on this issue.
    Love the quick charge of internal battery.
    Needs better resolution for VR.
    Keep option to input headphones.
    Weary of possible curved option onlyrics.
    “New page” option”, when going thru Google vs. tabs.
    A screen that smudges less.
    Vastly improved outdoor visibility.
    Auto upgrades should improve only.
    “The little things missing from my S7.”

  6. No headphone jack – no buy.
    Samsung is being stupid copying the same mistake Apple made.
    Apple might get away with this crap but as an Android user you can easily switch to some other phone. Google comes to mind.

  7. I would rather have a big (and removable) battery than an ultra-slim body, and I also miss having an IR blaster.

  8. Maybe be go back to being able to talk on the phone and be on the net without WIFI!!!!

  9. Samsung and other Android manufacturers should start adding a notification switch, similar to what Apple and OnePlus have been doing with their devices. I have the OnePlus 3, the notification switch is excellent and very convenient.

  10. I’m wondering if I should buy an unlocked Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge model now, or wait & Pre-order the Galaxy s8?

  11. I am a huge fan and I know what I want of my future phone. The S7 is perfect in all features except two. The screen should be upgraded to 4k uhd as then anyone could hardly count the pixels and we would reach sharpness very close to what human eye may conprehend. For that we need to double the graphics power and I believe that letting nvidia or amd make a graphics card is a brilliant idea. I dont want Samsung to make an ultra light nor ultra thin phone. Let the specs speak. The second complaint is the camera. It’s razor sharp but 12mp just isnt enough.The britcell and dualpixel technologies are brilliant don’t go for the dual lens as there is no valid need for it. Just make a 20mp camera with current or better performance. Make Samsung S8 the best phone there is and show Apple what is a high end phone.