Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. Sony Xperia XZ Flagship Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. Sony Xperia XZ Flagship Comparison


Sony released their new Xperia XZ in hopes of reaching the top spot on the smarthpone market but how will it do against Samsung’s flagship smartphones Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge that are dominating the market right now. We are going to get straight to the point and start comparing them.

Sony’s Xperia XZ sports the usual Sony “look”, and it’s made completely from a metal body. On the other hand Samsung uses a steel frame to hold the two pieces of Gorilla Glass in place. The Galaxy S7 Edge sports a 5.5 inch display while the Xperia XZ has a 5.2 inch display and both devices use different technology and resolution.

Both of the devices are powered by the same Qualcomm 64 bit Snapdragon quad core processor, and the same Adreno 530 GPU. The storage space is also the same, both of them having 32GB/64GB models of their smartphones that can get expanded up to 256GB using the microSD slot. Sony Xperia XZ has almost double the number of pixels on its main camera, but that’s not what it is all about. The most important thing is the picture quality it produces, and Samsung wins this round. The common connectivity options Bluetooth v4.2, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi and USB ports are installed on both of the devices.

At the first glance it looks like Sony has finally made a device that can go head to head to with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge, but as you can see this is not the case. Since the price difference is only $90 in favor of the Xperia XZ, but the Samsung device does so much more with only $90 worth of difference. It has a better display that uses AMOLED technology and QHD resolution, it sports more RAM, and even if the Xperia XZ has more pixels, Samsung still manages to produce a higher quality picture.


  1. Is this really a comparision?

    It’s well known that the S7 Edge leaves the Xperia XZ in the dust.

  2. S7edge looks ugly.
    Sony looks stylish and trendy. Especially the blocky oblong edged corners.

  3. We should probably wait 2 months for Sony to release the Xperia XXZ that will feature a 5.3 inch display and another “all new design” that looks so much like the previous one you wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you. Oh, it will also be hilariously overpriced and missing a fingerprint scanner in the US.

  4. True.
    First the Z5, then X-Performance, and know XZ.
    Next XZY….
    Aluminium is cheap. Metal or stainless steel is better.

  5. Usually I don’t comment but why are they still charging so much when you can get an axon 7 or an OP 3 for 400 with better specs. I know specs aren’t everything but I still think it shouldn’t be that expensive

  6. This is SONY.

    “Like no others”

    “Why compromise ”

    “Make and believe ”

    I’ve been buying thier products from 1987. Great quality and superb in utmost design they are.

  7. i never heard of any s7 edge exploded and as far as i know the issue is only for note 7 which only affected less than %0.1 of the units
    at least Samsung admit their faults and learn from theme unlike others

  8. S7E looking cheap sitting next to XZ. Display looks washed out, Camera hump is noticeable on S7E. Sony phone finally has great display, Next time put the latest processor and camera sensor. You will have a winner.