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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Leaks, Rumors, Features


Apparently, big changes are in store for the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. DJ Koh, Samsung’s president, promised that the new smartphone will go through a “bold reinvention”. However, new leaks show that might not quite be the case here.

Due to a bunch of recent leaks, we are starting to doubt whether Samsung is able to implement their big promises into the Galaxy Note 9. This in turn might be a big hit to Samsung’s credibility, especially after the minor improvements to the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, which did not impress critics all that much.

Strike One

The biggest argument is probably the leak coming from KGI Securities’ trusted insider, Ming-Chi Kuo.

Back in August 2017, he revealed that Samsung would implement the first fingerprint reader built inside the display in the Galaxy Note 9.

However, recently he went back on this statement and said that the company is currently going back and forth on the topic of performance vs. power usage.

Strike Two..

The next hit comes from IceUniverse, another well-known and trusted leaker, who stated the following:

“The optical fingerprint reader of the screen is still under intensive testing.”

Other journalists now believe that the technology will not be ready for any kind of mobile device for the following 6 months from now.

Strike Three?

This leaves Samsung exposed. Due to the unchanged battery in the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, we have reason to believe it won’t be any different for the Galaxy Note 9.

Also, the camera innovations Samsung promised for 2018 are already present in S models. Therefore, we have yet to see what Samsung means by “bold reinvention”.

Whichever the case may be, Samsung does not have much time left until the launch. So, besides fixing the camera issues from the Galaxy S9, it does not look like Samsung has a lot of options to ensure success for their next smartphones. We can but wait and see..

What are your thoughts on what will happen with the Galaxy Note 9? Tell us in the comments down below! And as always, stay tuned for more Samsung news and leaks!