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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – South Korean Residents Beware!


Everybody remembers the fiasco caused by Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 malfunctioning battery back in August 2016. The South Korean based tech giant is still trying to retrieve all the sold devices to this day. In case you don’t know what caused Samsung to want to retrieve sold devices we’re going to clear it right now. Samsung rushed the launch date of Note 7 in order to keep up with its competition and didn’t go through all the testing processes and a major issue was overlooked. The device shipped with a malfunctioning battery that would overcharge and then explode, Galaxy Note 7 became so dangerous that it was banned from airplanes.

Now in order to clear its name and to make customers happy, Samsung initiated an exchange and refund program in which Note 7 owners could return their devices for the full price and receive an additional 50 percent discount on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 and S8. This program worked rather well and Samsung managed to retrieve around 94 percent of the sold devices in South Korea, but there still are customers who don’t intend to return their devices and Samsung has just the right solution for that.

Residents of South Korea who are Galaxy Note 7 owners are advised to return their devices and get their money by the end of the month because starting January 9th Samsung is about to start rolling out an OTA (over the air) update that’s going to cap the device’s battery to 15 percent. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Samsung took even more drastic measures with US and European residents by pushing an update that caps the battery at 0 percent, thus rendering the device unusable.


  1. I had my samsung note 7 for a month and was asked to exchange it. The phone I gave back was still immaculate yet the 2nd phone I received was scratched on the screen and marked on the edges, it looked like a used phone. I have not even turned it on and cannot believe that they would put a scratched used phone in a box and seal it up as new. I asked Samsung for an exchange or full refund and they are collecting my second phone on Mon. absolute joke

  2. They are probably rigged to destroy macbooks… they be like kamikaze cell phones…

  3. Really happy to know about the launch date, I am waiting for the Note series next edition and after reading the full specification the all new Samsung galaxy note 7 Specs and found that it will be my next phablet. I have used the Note 5 too but I love the edge display of Samsung galaxy note 7 as I see the revealed images

  4. So more lies. You don’t know the launch date, specifications, or pretty much anything about it.
    So why continue to lie in your RSS feed?

  5. I don’t give a crap about all the other stuff. Will I be able to talk and surf at the same time? I haven’t moved on from my Note 3 because of this. It’s important to me an a lot of other people according to the comments on other sites I have been reading.

  6. I do this all the time with my Note 4. Just don’t expect 4G download speed when talking.

  7. As most people upgrade once every two years. I just hope reviewers remember this and compare the Note 6 to the Note 4.

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