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Robert Bigelow Thinks Aliens Have Been to Earth


On Sunday, Robert Bigelow, who is a space entrepreneur, was invited to CBS’ 60 Minutes, where he made some controversial declarations. According to him, intelligent alien life might have visited Earth at some point and they might still be among us.

Seth Shostak, who is a senior astronomer at the SETI institute, said that indeed he agrees that there are aliens out there. Theoretically, all the conditions necessary for life to be sustained are quite widespread. Shostak further added that he doesn’t think aliens have already visited Earth until now, because if this would be true, there would be some sort of undeniable evidence.

Are Aliens Among Us?

During the interview that took place on May 28, Bigelow said that this own grandparents have seen a UFO somewhere near Las Vegas. According to his declarations, the UFO was going fast and it came straight in front of them, before shooting off into the distance. When the reporter asked him whether he is expecting to see humans exploring the universe in the search for alien life forms, he said that it’s not necessary, since everything is right under our noses.

Widespread Opinion?

In fact, according to a 2015 survey that was conducted by the marketing research company YouGov, 54% of the Americans believe there are intelligent life forms in the Universe. Through the years, there have been lots of money and efforts invested in finding such life forms, and there is an entire institute dedicated to that, the SETI.

Despite all this, there is still no irrefutable evidence that there are aliens among us. There hasn’t been any conclusive evidence for that in the Universe as well, so for now it all remains a speculation. However, the research continues and we have to be ready for any possibility.