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Ripple (XRP) Takes In Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson as Chief Market Strategist


Even though Ripple (XRP) is already valued as the third biggest cryptocurrency in the world, the folks behind Ripple (XRP) are aiming higher than this. Ripple (XRP) is slowly but surely getting bigger and in order to make sure that this is happening, Bloomberg TV’s Cory Johnson was hired to join the Ripple (XRP) team.

Bloomberg TV’s Cory Johnson Joins Ripple (XRP) Team

Cory Johnson will now fill the role of being Ripple (XRP)’s chief market strategist. This is amazing news for Ripple (XRP) because Cory Johnson has more than the necessary experience in the financial department. Cory Johnson has been with Bloomberg for eight years where he covered technology on both the Bloomberg TV show and on the Bloomberg Radio.

Taking Ripple (XRP) To The Next Level

While the total market capitalization for Ripple (XRP) might be valued at $30,496,143,622, Cory Johnson is there to make sure that Ripple (XRP) goes to the next level. What the new chief market strategist will basically do is explain Ripple (XRP) to new investors thus helping the cryptocurrency get bigger.

New Investors

The main focus of Ripple (XRP) as a company is to create a business that sells blockchain based payments software to banks and this doesn’t leave that much time for advertising and promoting the XRP token. The XRP token is expected to become more popular now that Cory Johnson is here.

Ripple (XRP) CEO Talks About FUD

The only downside about Ripple (XRP) is that the community keeps talking about FUD. FUD is an acronym for fear, uncertainty and doubt. Therefore, Brad Garlinghouse who is Ripple (XRP)’s CEO wanted to let everyone that there is no reason to doubt the cryptocurrency and made this following statement over Twitter:

“We’re putting FUD to rest – Ripple is placing 55B #XRP into escrow to show our commitment to stable supply.”