Ripple (XRP) Makes a Comeback – Possible Partnership Might Lead to Price Increase

Ripple (XRP)’s price is going up and rumor has it that it might soar during 2018. In fact, there is a high chance that Ripple (XRP) might even surpass Bitcoin before 2018 comes to end. The reason we are saying this is because Ripple (XRP) is expected to develop a market partnership with one of the world’s biggest companies!

Ripple (XRP) Might Partner with Amazon

One of the most ongoing rumors in the cryptocurrency world is that Ripple (XRP) is planning a partnership with Amazon. If this proves to be true, we can be sure that Ripple (XRP)’s token price will skyrocket.

In case you didn’t know, there have been many talks about Amazon developing its own cryptocurrency. Although, this shouldn’t surprise anyone since Amazon loves getting involved in different market niches, especially those that have something to do with technology.

Amazon Registers Domain Names

To make things even more interesting, Amazon already registered three domain names which lead us to believe that a new cryptocurrency is coming. These are the previously mentioned domain names: “”, “” and “”.

Ripple (XRP) Price Goes Up

The cryptocurrency market is heavily influenced by rumors and this is why Ripple (XRP)’s price already saw a major value increase during the last 24 hours. Ripple (XRP) is priced at $0.822784 as of now which shows a 3.11% increase. Moreover, the total market capitalization for Ripple (XRP) sits at $32,141,875,905 according to Coinmarketcap.

Ripple (XRP) Fees and Supply

The main reason why Amazon might pick Ripple (XRP) is because this cryptocurrency charges only 0.00001 XRP per transactions. Ripple (XRP) is also known for its network which offers instant international payments. In addition, the limited supply of Ripple (XRP) is 100 billion tokens while Bitcoin only has 21 million.

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  1. “Brought to you by the same characters who said Coinbase was adding XRP back in January.” Probably the same idiots who thought it was a good idea to pair up Brad Garlinghouse with Coinbase’s CEO on Fast Money…

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