Resident Evil 7 Update Arrives On PS4

Resident Evil 7 Update Arrives On PS4


Resident Evil 7 was launched last month and it looks like Capcom is set on providing players with a constant stream of updates. The update 1.02 has just started rolling out. This update has been developed especially to prepare the game for the upcoming Banned Footage Volume 2 DLC. Worth mentioning is that the 1.02 update has only arrived to PS4 systems. The highlight of this update is that it brings a bunch of new trophies.

The previously mentioned trophies are related to the upcoming DLC. Regarding the Banned Volume 2 DLC it will feature three new game modes which are “Daughters”, “21’ and “Jack’s 55th Birthday”. Interested PS4 owners can acquire this DLC for $15. In case there are PS4 owners that are not that keen on spending $15 on a DLC, they should know that they can get access to it through the season pass.

Even though the new DLC has been made available for PS4 owners, Xbox One and PC players must wait a little more until their turn comes. In fact, Capcom announced that the Xbox One and PC edition of the DLC will be coming out on February 21st and that’s not that far away.

Fans of the game should know that even though two Resident Evil 7 DLCs have already arrived, Capcom isn’t done yet. The game producer announced that there will be an upcoming free DLC which will be named “Spring called Not a Hero”. This DLC will be centered on a brand new game character. What’s interesting is that Capcom has yet to unveil this new character and instead, Capcom just stated that the new character appears at the end of the game’s story.

The gaming community had high standards for the seventh installment in the Resident Evil franchise and it’s safe to say that Capcom delivered. Even though the game has been out since June, it managed to sell over 3 million copies already. The game producer announced that its target is to sell over 4 million units until March. This might actually happen considering the amount of DLCs Capcom is putting out. Also, the game’s popularity seems to be growing and this will definitely help Capcom reach its target.