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PS4 Firmware Update Features and More


One of the best things about consoles from the last few years is that you are getting features added to them through firmware updates all the time. In one of the latest firmware updates, Sony sends out one to the PlayStation 4 and it brings some features that add to the overall user experience.  Of course, most firmware updates are not required, but when you want new features, they are highly recommended.

One of the biggest updates for the PlayStation 4 is the ability to use a feature called Play Time Management. There has been plenty of discussion about how much video game time is enough for people, especially children, so this feature will be a welcomed one by parents. If a parent wants to keep their children from gaming all day and night, the Play Time Management feature allows them to specify a certain window of time. Once that window is about to close, a notification will appear and access to a game will be restricted from that point.

PS4 SuperSampling Details

According to the latest release notes, Supersampling will be an option for PS4 Pro users and that will allow games that are in 4k, to be downscaled to whatever resolution your television is. This will make your favorite games look even better whether you have a 4k enabled television or not. If you happen to be a PS4 Pro user, you can access the Supersampling options in the Settings menu.

Other PS4 Firmware Update Features

The PS4 firmware update is very 5.50 and will include features like being able to control music volume from the Quick Menu. If you want to control the music from the background, like pausing and playing, you will be able to do that as well. Being able to see what your friends are up to can also be accessed on a custom friends list.  Recently, gaming consoles have added support for high definition gaming on 4k resolution televisions.  The latest PS4 update brings “Supersampling” for PS4 Pro users.

The latest PS4 firmware update can be downloaded at your leisure the next time you are connected to the internet.