Project Scorpio Details to be Unveiled During E3 2017

Project Scorpio Details to be Unveiled During E3 2017


The most highly anticipated gaming event of the year is E3. That’s the place where all major companies will be coming and unveil their upcoming games and devices. The reason we’re talking about E3 today is because Microsoft has officially announced that it’s going to attend E3 2017. Even better, Microsoft decided to confirm that it’s going to unveil additional details about its upcoming Project Scorpio system.

Microsoft’s press conference will be held on 11th June at 2PM in the Galen Center in Los Angeles. All of this has been announced in a Twitter post. Regarding this, Microsoft has also tweeted the following text “Brace for big news” and attached a picture of Project Scorpio’s hardware with it. Phil Spencer which is the President of the Xbox department has also hinted towards a Project Scorpio E3 2017 tease.

Phil Spencer went on Twitter and said that he is happy with the Xbox lineup for E3. Not only that, Spencer has also stated that Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference will not be focused on Gears of War or Halo FPS. Taking in consideration the fact that the company doesn’t have any other games, it means that Project Scorpio will be in the spotlight of that press conference.

Project Scoprio: What We Know So Far

Microsoft itself is the one who dubbed Project Scorpio as “the most powerful console ever”. This statement has been made back at E3 2016. What we know so far is that it will feature an eight core processor. Another highlight feature of the upcoming console is that it will be able to run games in native 4K resolution and VR games. Not only that, but the console will have 320GB/s memory bandwidth speed.

Everyone was expecting that the upcoming next generation console will be able run 4K games since Sony’s PS4 Pro is already capable of doing that. What surprised everyone is that it will have VR support. Sony has managed to create a VR console but it’s a standalone console. The fact that Microsoft wants to include both 4K gaming and VR gaming in one console will definitely give it an edge over its competition.