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Pokemon GO Update – Hotfix For Last Update


Earlier this week, a new bugfix update for Pokemon GO on Android was released. Even though that update improved upon the game’s connection to the Pokemon GO Plus (Users report it is now a lot faster!), it also made it so all times in the game were now set to the UTC timezone instead of each player’s local time.

At first people thought it was an anti-cheat measure, but this presents another issue. Because all times in the game were set to one single format, players on one side of the world would be alerted of events happening at midnight or extremely early in the morning, which is unreasonable.

Yesterday morning, Niantic released an update for the Android version of Pokemon GO (version 0.93.4) which fixes the time zone issue. Players who update from 0.93.3 to 0.93.4 should see their time and timezone displayed correctly.

Thanks to Niantic’s update philosophy of always releasing them in increments to a small number of players first as a test (and then if something goes wrong, it can be reverted), not everyone was affected by this.

Several other code changes from 0.93.3 were reverted too, however what exactly was changed is unclear. If we are to believe dataminers, 0.93.4 removed the previous changes to QR codes, code libraries and the errors linked to Pokemon Trainers Club authentication.

Unfortunately, a small number of players are reporting frequent crashes and “Device not compatible” errors that started with 0.93.3 and haven’t seem to be quite fixed in 0.93.4. Let us hope for a 0.93.5 getting released ASAP!

You should be notified of the new Pokemon GO update on the Play Store very soon! Were you affected by the change? Tell us down in the comments, and stay tuned for more information related to Pokemon GO!