Pokemon Go New Updates for iOS and Android

Pokemon Go New Updates for iOS and Android


The Pokemon Go franchise has seen massive success, when it was launched it got everyone out on the streets chasing down different Pokemon to catch. Now Niantic has to keep on releasing new updates to keep the game entertaining. Niantic has announced that a new patch is going to roll out for Android and iOS powered devices and it’s going to include 100 new Pokemon.


The update has been confirmed last Sunday by the Pokemon Go development team on their official blog. Reading the patch notes we can see that one of the first changes to be implemented in the game is that trainers are now rewarded and receive gifts with their very Pokemon they catch, and what PokeStop they will visit each day. Bonuses are going to be increased for Pokemon players that have opened the Pokemo Go mobile app seven consecutive days.

Poke Gym and Prestige Points Changes

Poke Gyms are easier to conquer after the patch. When a player wins a Poke battle he or she will be able to place a Pokemon in the open Gym. This action can be done only if the Pokemon Go Player has just defeated a Gym leader from a rival team. Prestige points are going to receive changes as well. After losing a Poke Gym the amount of lost Prestige points has increased. Gaining Prestige points has also become harder since training at a friendly Gym is going to reward smaller amounts of Prestige points than before. The focus of the update is to encourage players to be more competitive.

New Moves

The 100 new Pokemon are going to drop any time now, and they are going to make game a lot more fun. The patch notes also included some new moves that are going to be used by the new Pokemon. One of the new moves is “Transform”. This move surely means that Ditto is finally going to be introduced in the game.


  1. There are still some peeps out here, that would like to see such news. Please be more respective… Here are tons of news, that I’m not interested in and I… just avoid them. Why you can’t do this as well? It would be easier, trust me. 🙂

  2. yeah it would be easier, I was just thinking those still playing will automatically get the notification or update, that’s why.

  3. we get the update but we don’t necessarily know what was in it until we read articles like this one that gives us the scoop on the included changes.

  4. I hope the other update is real… the game it has improve a lot with the daily rewards so I’m looking forward to this.