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Pokémon Go goes insane in AR industry



Pokemon Go, an augmentative reality game developed by Niantic and Nintendo has caused a lot of controversy within days of its release.

The game has become immensely popular and what is does is that it uses your smartphone’s camera and GPS system to place Pokemon in reality. From there on, the player has to ‘catch ‘em all’, train them, make them fight with other Pokemon and essentially do everything that you’ve seen in the previous games and in the animated series.

According to a statistic posted by SimilarWeb, Pokemon Go was downloaded on approximately 10% or the Android device in the US. Another statistic, this time from SurveyMonkey, stated that the game had 21 million users. This popularity has led some mobile carriers to offer data deals for the game and local businesses to have their locations converted into Pokestops or Gyms.

Due to the fact the game requires players to walk until they find the Pokemon has led to many awkward situations such as discoveries of dead bodies or finding the creatures in the most inappropriate of places. For example, a Gas/Poisonous Pokemon was found in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and this particular institution has requested that people stop playing the game there.

For all its popularity, there are some concerns about the high amount of data usage when playing Pokemon Go. However another statistic from P3 Communications showed that the average use of the game in a week was a cumulative of 48 minutes and the data consumption was around 5 MB per user.

At the same time, SimilarWeb posted Pokemon Go usage statistics that contradicts the results published by P3 Communications and those are that people play the game for more than 48 minutes per day, which means that they use it more than the social media apps.

Another tech blog tested the battery life when playing the game and discovered that Pokemon Go uses a lot of battery power but the data usage was similar to that of other game apps for mobile: approximately 10 MB if played for half an hour. Within that same half hour it used up approximately 15% of the battery.