Pokemon Go Full Egg Hatch Rarity Chart Unveiled

Pokemon Go Full Egg Hatch Rarity Chart Unveiled


Niantic Labs has been doing its best in order to keep Pokemon Go entertaining for new and old players. The way in which Niantic Labs is doing this is by constantly launching new updates that more than often include new pocket monsters. In fact, the last update that Niantic Labs rolled out included the whopping number of over 80 new Pokemon.

The game’s developer decided not to unveil the egg hatching rates for rare Pokemon. This was quite a clever move because it gave players something to do and find out for themselves. Fortunately for casual players, a Reddit user uploaded a full rarity chart of egg hatching.

The chart we are talking about contains the rates for two, five and ten kilometer eggs. What’s interesting is that the chart also states long distances directly correlates with the rarity of the egg hatches. In addition, the Redditor announced that three eggs are impossible to hatch.

Pokemon Go: Eggs and Hatch Rarity Rates

First off, Remoraid is the rarest Pokemon that can be hatched from the standard two-kilometer egg. This rare Pokemon has a slim 1.74 percent chance of hatching. The next rare Pokemon in this category is Misdreavus with a 0.87 percent chance. This list shows us that Pokemon Go players will be required to hatch large numbers of two-kilometer eggs before they can finally get their hands on Remoraid or Misdreavus.

Now onto the five-kilometer eggs, Grafarig, Dunsparce, Wobbuffet, Yanma, Shuckle and Sneasel are the rarest hatches. All the aforementioned pocket monsters have the same 0.62 percent chance of hatching. While many might argue that the percent chance is quite low, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since this will motivate players to walk more than usual.

Finally, the ten-kilometer eggs have the biggest percent chance to hatch rare Pokemon. Niantic Labs took notice that a ten-kilometer walk is not an easy task and decided to increase the percent chance for rare Pokemon to 2.57. Players should be happy to know that if they do manage to get lucky and hatch a rare Pokemon they will be awarded with Mareep or Sudowoodo.