Pokemon Go – Apple Watch Edition Delayed

Pokemon Go – Apple Watch Edition Delayed


Niantic Labs, the creators of the widely popular Pokemon mobile game announced back in September that their developer team is working on creating a Pokemon Go app for the Apple Watch which will be released before 2016 ends, but we are already in December and Niantic has yet to launch the said app. Rumor has it that Niantic didn’t fail to meet the launch date but instead, the company changed its mind about creating an Apple Watch app.

The reason why Niantic Labs decided to stop the app’s development process is because the demand for smart watches declined by a large margin since September. When Apple first launched their smart watches, the gadgets were believed to sell extremely well, but that wasn’t the case. One major flaw in the Apple Watch design is that it doesn’t support LTE connectivity and also there aren’t that many iOS exclusive apps. A recent report from the “Realm” mobile database showed that iOS developers are not focused on creating Apple Watch apps because they aren’t able to generate the same revenue that they can with iPhone or Apple TV apps.

When the smart watches were announced Apple’s marketing team presented the gadgets as being able to provide its users with large amounts of iOS games, but now the marketing plan changed over to be more fitness oriented.

Nonetheless, the tech world keeps improving every day and we can surely expect that the next generation of Apple watches will be able to support LTE connectivity and Apple might find a way to persuade iOS developers to create exclusive apps by creating a platform that’s capable of generating revenue. Niantic Labs didn’t announce an official date for when the smart watch edition of the mobile game will be released, but the Pokemon Go community is speculating that it will be launched in the first quarter of 2017.

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  1. Really upset at this, really don’t like it when companies stifle products in order to promote their own (usually half-assed) products.

    I was really looking forward to the  Watch Companion (call me sad, I know), as the device is perfect for it but thanks to Niantic (it seems) I won’t have that option any time soon.

    If these reports are false, then I’ll retract my statement, but if true I’m not going to spend a penny on any of Niantics games again.

  2. This isn’t making a lot of sense to me. :/ Maybe they are frustrated with how few Pokémon Go Plus have been made by Nintendo? I mean, there is already a product that fills the space. Plus, people who are using the Watch app are most likely not going to be tempted by whatever device they make anyway, so why delay it? Something’s missing her