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Pokémon GO++ 1.43.1 for iOS and 0.73.1 for Android – New Raid Battle Place and a Gym Revamp


The latest update of Pokémon GO is now available for download. The Pokémon GO++ hack 1.43.1 for iOS and Pokémon GO++ hack 0.73.1 for Android will be available for trainers plus all the modified features as well.

New Pokémon Go ++hack

The new Pokémon Go ++hack focuses on small changed such as a new Raid Battle place and a gym revamp. With Pokémon Go Plus, trainers will have the ability to spin the Photo Disc at the Gym. Also, the number of trainers entering and preparing for raids will be viewable before using a Raid Pass. Players will be allowed to search for Pokémon moves using the @ character at the Pokémon Collection screen search.

Bug fixes have also been made, for example the Raids Boss escaping the last Premier Ball or the issue with the trainers being prevented from seeing the double XP while using a Lucky Egg.

Pokémon Go Mania

The game was first released in July 2016 and soon all the world became a Pokémon trainer. The location-based reality game was developed by Niantic and it is available for iOS and Android devices. To create the game Ninantic collaborated with Nintendo and the game uses the devices GPS to show gamers where to locate, capture and train Pokémon creature. The game became so popular that in 2016 it has been downloaded more than 500 million times worldwide.

The game is free of charge and it has in game app purchases such as additional Poké Balls, lure modules, lucky eggs and more. Frequent players earn experience point for in-game activities and they also rise levels. The Pokémon Go Plus device operates through Bluetooth and it allows players to perform in game actions without using their smartphone.