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Pokemon Go 0.79.2 APK Download Prepares the Game for Halloween Event and Generation 3


Halloween is only a couple of days away and what this means for Pokemon Go fans is that they are going to receive a new event. Last year, Niantic Labs released a Halloween themed Pokemon Go update which filled the game with spooky pocket monsters and numerous in-game bonuses.

Halloween Themed Update

The game developer is expected to continue this tradition and we can be sure of this since a new APK update contains a Halloween themed loading screen. The update brings Pokemon Go version to the 0.79.2 build number and its preparing the game for a new event. With that said, Pokemon Go players should start getting ready for a new season of hunting spooky monsters such as Marshadow, Banette, Duskull and many others.

Pokemon Go 0.79.2 APK Update

The update has not been released OTA (over the air) yet and it can only be downloaded in the APK form. We should mention that this new update is quite large, weighing at 91.23MB. Therefore, Pokemon Go fans should try to download it through a stable Wi-Fi Network instead of mobile data. Moreover, the update is targeted for Android 6.0 Marshmallow but it is also supported by Android 4.4 KitKat.

Generation 3

The thing that every Pokemon Go fan is waiting for is Generation 3. While this new update doesn’t contain any new pocket monsters, it does prepare the game’s source code for the highly anticipated update. Furthermore, we can be sure that tech savvy Sliph Road members are going to find out some new and interesting information about Generation 3 while digging through this new update.

Bug Fixes

While it might seem like this update is preparing the game for two major events, it still contains numerous bug fixes. Therefore, Pokemon Go fans are advised to download it as soon as possible in order to avoid having to deal with bugs.

Available on Google Play Store.