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PoGoBag – The Perfect Tool for Pokémon Go Fans


Pokémon Go is perhaps the most popular location based reality game. The game was launched in July 2016 and since then millions of followers became fans. Niantic, the developer and creator of the game has huge profit so far.

The best tool Poké fans need

The best tool which helps you analyze the inventory of all the Pokémon creatures owned is PoGoBag. The data gets refreshed every 5 minutes, players are able to search for other trainers and also share their own Pokémon using their own unique link.

To access the PoGoBag, players need to go to www.pogobag.me and use their trainer user ID and password. After logging in, a new page highlighting the inventory of the Pokémon Go game will open.

Another advantage of the PoGoBag tool is that it helps players filter their Pokémon inventory and decide which creatures to keep or to get rid of.

Filter Options for PoGoBag tool

Some of the filter which can be used by players to organize their Pokémon creatures collection include: number, height, weight, stamina, defense, attack, attack, battles attacked/defended, Max health’, recently used, individual values and combat Power or CP.

PoGoBag also allows trainers to check the status of other trainers who are logged in at that moment. The platform is becoming very popular and many trainers are seen online at the same time. They can also share their Pokémon account with other.

Pokémon Go fans will fall in love with the interactive platform. The tool uses a LED battery level indicator; the team character is engraved on the front and a 6000mAh capacity. The output is 5V 2.1A and input 5V 1A. It also has a metallic ring holder and it comes with a nylon cable of 1m. The cable is very durable and it comes in the color of the team.