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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Update 11 Improves Performance On Xbox One


The Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has recently reached more than 5 million players. However, the game’s number of frames per second is not so wonderful. Yesterday, the new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 11 has been released and brings performance improvements on Xbox One.

Although the game is very appreciated in all its versions, regardless of platform, there is still much work to do for the developing team to make the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One version work properly.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Update 11 Brings New Performance Improvement

“We are not satisfied with the current performance of the console game,” confessed one of the developers detailing the company’s roadmap.

A planning that goes forward with the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch no. 11, which brings the following performance improvements to enhance the PUBG gamers experience:

  • Modifying textures to optimize performance;
  • Vehicle optimization to improve framerate;
  • Fixes reducing crashes;
  • Revision of the inventory screen to equip more quickly;
  • Display of the number of people remaining on the plane;
  • Bug fixes;

Other new features include:

  • Quick scrolling with LT/RT buttons support;
  • Improve the weapon selection method – Now, players will be able the weapons’ selection and focus with the D-Pad;

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Increased In Popularity After It Has Been Released On Smartphones In The US And Canada

Expected for some time now, the mobile version of the well-known battle royale game title, PUBG, has been recently released on smartphones.

Even though the mobile versions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are only available in the US and Canada and only on invitations, the game has already been downloaded a lot and its players’ database grew considerably.

In conclusion, the PUBG Corp. works on improving the game’s performance on Xbox One consoles. Just yesterday, PUBG Corp. has released the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 11 to bring in performance improvements for the Xbox One version of the well-known battle royal game.

As you can see from the bug fix changelog above, the updated PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds should become more dynamic on Xbox One. Thanks to it, you can record fast gameplay scenes in better quality and upload your videos to Twitch. As other gadgets from Microsoft eco-system, Xbox One makes videos of various formats. And if you plan to stream your video episodes on Twitch, we recommend checking the tutorial called “FREE! Convert WMV to MP4 [Best WMV Converter & HOW TO]” and learn how to convert a default Windows video format – WMV to MP4 and visa versa. This would help you to prepare correct files for web uploads.