People App is now integrated into both Outlook Mail and Calendar (Fast...

People App is now integrated into both Outlook Mail and Calendar (Fast Ring)


It seems that Microsoft is now starting to bring more features to Outlook Mail and Calendar application on Windows 10. For those in the Fast Ring on Redstone 2, the version 17.7369.40418.0 has just been released and it comes with the following changes:

  • Browse and select contacts from the Windows people picker when addressing email
  • Switch to the People app from Mail and Calendar
  • Download and save all attachments in an email at once.

As you can see, the new version of the operating system allows you to create a new email and when you will select the “To:” line, a people icon will appear allows you to just jump to the People App in order to search for a contact and get information about it. On the other hand, the other new feature allows you to download all attachments that you’ve received in a email by just selecting “Save all attachments” in the email application.

We remind you that before this, users had to save each attachment one by one and this was quite annoying if you had more than 5 files in an email. For some reason, the “switch to the People App” from Calendar and Mail apps is not functioning yet, but this will most likely be fixed as soon as possible.

Since these new features are not that major, we should notice them being pushed to Release Preview sometime in the coming weeks (assuming they do not rely on RedStone 2 OS changes).

It seems that Microsoft is now trying to come with some cross-app integration, which is something that was already done on the old Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. One thing is for sure: a good amount of users will enjoy using these cross-app integration features on Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile.

It is good to know that the Camera app and Office Suite have also been updated, but it seems that they didn’t receive any new features.


  1. Nice! But why do i no longer get reminders for facebook birthdays? Earlier there used to be an alarm that went of at noon to notify for all the fb birthdays. Wasn’t it a calender feature?

  2. I still get them in my calendar but no longer have the mandatory alarm at noon & thank God… It was annoying having 7 birthday alarms go off all at once in the middle of the day.

  3. Which is true. I am just curious why did it exist earlier and why doesn’t it anymore. Similarly, earlier the small store tile would show the counter for apps pending an update, the battery saver and storage sense had live tiles. In fact, the small alarm tile on w10m had a small notification when you would set an alarm at the top right corner. Even that is missing in my 930 on the latest Redstone 2 build.

  4. Save multiple attachment.. Been waiting for this. .. I get routine emails from my 20 odd site office to submit several emails a week with 4-5 attachment each.. That’s very tedious to save esp on a phone…. this update is a real time saver !!

  5. Guys, I’m running into HTML email rendering issues with Outlook mobile. Emails with tables or png image file embedded are shown badly broken and unreadable. Running Release Preview here, is it better on production ring by any chance? I really don’t care about other small things and the app gap, but I need emails to be reliable.

  6. Something I noticed in the last week (pardon if I’m late to the game), but it looks like the Outlook store app added the ability to send from aliases? Thank heavens…I hated having to jump onto a desktop or go to to be able to do that. Now if they only added the functionality to Microsoft Office Outlook desktop application.