Overwatch 24th Hero Arrives And It’s Not Doomfist

Overwatch 24th Hero Arrives And It’s Not Doomfist


Blizzard is the company behind Overwatch and that’s why players are benefiting from a constant stream of updates. While some updates might be minor, some are quite big. Overwatch’s game director has announced that the upcoming update will bring Orisa. This is the game’s 24th hero and she falls right in the tank class.


The new champion looks incredible. She is a robot that’s been built with one purpose in mind, to defend those around her. In fact, she has been built from parts of one Numbani’s OR15 defense robots. The new champion will be able to fill in the tank role which means that Orisa is going to be the next Overwatch front liner. In order to defend her teammates, Orisa will launch a protective barrier that’s able of absorbing damage.

Orisa is quite special, she doesn’t exactly fit in the tank class because she is also able of causing massive damage and buff her allies. One of her skills allows players to launch long range attacks that can destroy enemy heroes. Nonetheless, we’re going to take a closer look at all of Orisa’s skills and see what she can do.

Orisa: Fusion Driver

This ability causes Orisa to start firing her automatic cannon. The projectile weapon is able of causing sustained damage but it slows her down whenever she fires the canon.

Orisa: Fortify

This is one of the abilities that make her fit in the tank class. When players choose to activate this ability, all the damage that Orisa takes will be greatly reduced. Even better, Orisa will be immune to stuns and roots.

Orisa: Halt!

All Overwatch tanks have a crowd control ability and Orisa wasn’t forgotten. Activating this ability will cause Orisa to launch a gravitation charge which can be detonated to slow down and pull enemies together.

Orisa: Protective Barrier

As previously mentioned, Orisa is able of absorbing damage with her protective barrier. This is the ability that makes Orisa raise her barrier.

Orisa: Supercharger

Ultimate abilities are what make or break a champion. In fact, the whole game revolves around using ultimate abilities at the right time. Nonetheless, Orisa’s ultimate ability deploys a device that buffs the damage done by her allies.