Opera Neon – A New Challenger has Entered the Browser Arena

Opera Neon – A New Challenger has Entered the Browser Arena


Opera is a browser that has established itself for a long time now and has even diversified its solutions by offering Opera Mini, a web browser designed for mobile devices. Its competition has always been of the highest caliber, with alternatives like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox taking the majority of market shares. That might or might not change now that a new browser has been released by Opera, but one thing’s for sure: Opera Neon will surely give users a new experience that is bound to work a number on users.

A new experience

Opera Neon is a browser, but not as you’ve grown accustomed to. It wastes to moment in showing you this, through its futuristic interface that strains away from regular browser interface philosophy. When you open Neon, your taskbar is thrown to the side and the desktop background becomes the browser background as well. Additionally, all your commands that would normally be presented in a nice row are now taking the form of bubbles that stand out.

New features

Opera Neon makes sure you can do multiple things at one and you don’t have to settle for one or the either. It facilitates music playback in the background and offers users the ability to split the screen so that two web pages may be viewed simultaneously.

Family feud

Opera Neon may be the new hot thing but the classic Opera is still going strong. The browser brings forth some innovative ideas such as incorporating an adblocker into its platform and also a baked in VPN service. Some Opera Neon features are promised to come to Opera as well. This will make for an interesting rivalry as in theory both browsers are on the same side.

Opera Neon looks cool and some may be tempted to make it their primary browsing tool right now. Some advocate against that as the browser is presumably not a fully fledged solution but rather a projection for what’s to come from Opera. With what we’ve seen so far, we can say that Opera is definitely on the right track and we could see some significant market shifts in the near future.