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Ongoing Tension as the White House Executive Office Building is Reorganizing


These days, the political stage is engulfed in dissatisfaction and tension coming from the congressional leaders of the Republican National Committee. This frustration is caused by changes regarding the personnel of the White House. However, President Trump still faces a great amount of pressure despite the fact that a new chief of staff was hired.

Moreover, Rex Rillerson who is Secretary of State is also discontented that the White House interferes with decisions that should be his, but H.R McMaster, President’s security advisor, and Stephen Bannon, White House strategist, do not approve of this attitude. To add on that list, President Trump is not on the same page with Jeff Sessions, General Attorney.

Important members of the Republican National Committee stood their firm position in defending Jeff Sessions and also demanded that the President should tone down the level of criticism directed towards the Attorney, because he will not be replaced.

Furthermore, President Trump is planning to travel in the following month across the country and visit places like his golf resort in New Jersey. Other destinations are not known at the time, but members of the GOP are criticizing the President for not taking advantage of his travels to promote his initiatives and political views.

Even though the members of the GOP are always being polite and talking nicely about the President when in public, in reality their relationship with the President Trump is never pleasant. This attitude is justifiable since they tend to believe that the President is not going to change his mindset and they might want to avoid a failure in 2018 midterms.

Leaders of the Congress stated that they find the President’s actions unpredictable and unhelpful and, in the long run, this uneasiness will take its toll and have negative consequences on the dynamic of their relationship.

On top of the frustration and discontentment from the Congress members, the White House needs a great amount of repairing, including fixing a leak in the roof, wiring and carpeting. Due to these reparations, the offices will be moved in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB).