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Nord VPN 2.4.3 APK Download Makes the app Safer and More Reliable


Nord VPN is a great app that allows users to change their IP address at their leisure and to browse the web without being the tracked. This app connects users to over 2000 servers that are in 60 countries. Things get even better since Nord VPN uses a military-grade encryption system which blocks malicious websites or ads from tracking the user’s activity.

Therefore, Nord VPN is ideal for people who enjoy surfing the web but are not that keen on being tracked by cookies or their internet service provider. Another great thing about Nord VPN is the fact that it can be downloaded straight from Google’s Play Store which shows that it doesn’t pose a threat to mobile devices.

Nord VPN 2.4.3 APK Update

As it is the case with all Android apps, Nord VPN is being updated almost on a weekly basis. The app’s version number has recently been brought up to 2.4.3 and the APK edition of the update is available for download right now. We should also mention that iOS fans who are looking to update Nord VPN need to wait a little more time until this update is made available for them since now its exclusive to Android fans.

Moreover, the update weighs in at 23.74MB and it is targeted towards Android 8.0 Oreo powered devices. Although, the update requires a minimum of Android 4.4 KitKat so it can be installed on older smartphones as well. In addition, the update is also supported by Android TVs which use Nord VPN.

Bug Fixes

Considering that Nord VPN is an important app for people who enjoy surfing the web because it keeps their private information secure, the developers who are in charge of it are always adding new bug fixes. This is the case with the new update because it contains a bunch of new fixes which make the VPN service even more secure than usual.

Available on Google Play Store.