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Nokia X6 Prices Revealed, Finally, In China, Prior To The Official Announcement


During the past weeks, we’ve been hearing a lot of data about the Nokia X6, the HMD Global’s new phone. A model that’s been a real mystery to users since there have been many rumors and confusions, especially regarding its name. But it looks like it will be the top-end of the new range of devices from the brand.

Over the past few weeks, many details about this Nokia X6 have already leaked out

As I have already told you, many details about the phone have been revealed in recent weeks, regarding both Nokia X6 specifications and its design.

Since this Nokia X6 promises to be the top-end phone from the new Nokia brand revived by HMD Global it will boast either a Snapdragon 636 with 6 Gb RAM or a Mediatek Helio P60 with 4 Gb RAM, for the low-budget model.

Also, the new Nokia X6 will present a notch, a detail that is still popular, although it generates controversy among users.

Nokia X6 prices revealed in China, finally

Now, the Nokia X6 official announcement will take place on May 16th, so the waiting time is very short now, as in just 24 hours we will know everything about the new Nokia handset.

In the meantime, the Nokia X6 prices, at least the ones for the Chinese market, have already been revealed.

As you can see from the leaked specifications, this is a fairly simple mid-range phone, despite being a top-end within the Nokia brand.

Nokia X6, in its standard version (Mediatek with 4 GB RAM), will cost 1499 yuan, which equals to about $237. An affordable and quite interesting price.

But, unfortunately, the price is expected to be higher for the European and the US markets.

For the time being, Nokia X6 will be launched in China on May 21st.

Tomorrow, however, we’ll get over this Nokia X6 prices and specs rumors craze, which is still bothering some fans of the brand. So in less than 24 hours, we’ll know everything about the first new Nokia smartphone to have the notch. It promises to be a simple but effective mid-range phone.