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Nokia 8 Rumored to Be This Year’s Flagship for the Company


Nokia is making a powerful comeback in the mobile phone industry with its plans to produce and release an entirely brand new line of phones whose specs and hardware indicate its offerings will range from affordable to premium handsets. When the mobile phone first became a popularly used item in our daily lives, Nokia was right there alongside us producing and selling reliable and functional devices. Needless to say, the tech world has come a long way since.

Nokia’s success in the mobile industry faded once the smartphone era rolled around. Now other companies, such as Apple and Samsung, took center stage, and Nokia was left in the dark. But not anymore. The esteemed company is making a strong comeback, and many thought that it will be with the Nokia 9 premium smartphone. However, recent rumors and leaks indicate otherwise.

Nokia 8 over Nokia 9

Some freshly leaked promotional images off of a Chinese website indicate that 2017 will be the year of the Nokia 8 with its bezel-less sleek and elegant design and its premium specs (although not as state of the art as the Nokia 9 promised). We don’t know what triggered this change in perspective for the company and we still don’t have any official news on it as of yet.

The revamped Nokia 8 seems to have taken on the Nokia 9’s specs sheet too, with it using the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset in its makeup, as well as three RAM variants and 64GB of storage. Honestly we don’t know what to believe anymore, so we hope that Nokia will give a public statement soon and clear the air on this one. Until then, we shall wait.

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