No Man’s Sky Investigation for Hello Games Update

No Man’s Sky Investigation for Hello Games Update


No Man’s Sky release caused a lot of controversy in the gaming world, mostly because the game developers didn’t deliver on what they promised. When Sean Murray, the main developer behind the game, started advertising the game he teased fans with incredible game footage and multiplayer features but when players bought the game they realized that what Sean Murray promised wasn’t there.

The game received a lot of hate because and it reached to the point that some customers even went to the extent of pursuing legal actions for false advertising. The Advertising Standards Authority received 23 different complaints about No Man’s Sky marketing campaign. Hello Games, the developer team behind No Man’s Sky was accused of misleading customers in order to make their game more appealing and increase their sales percentages.

After a thorough investigation, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled in favor of Hello Games. Players were upset because their game didn’t look similar at all with the one Hello Games promoted using screenshots and in-game footage on their official Steam page.  The reason why the ASA ruled in Hello Games’ favor is because the game is procedurally generated and its content is not created by developers. What this means is that the content generation depends solely on the player’s computer power and that there’s no way for two different players to have the same game experience.

Another complaint the ASA had to look over was the difference between the warping speed presented in the trailer and the game itself. The trailer for No Man’s Sky clearly showcased the spaceship while moving at a very fast speed, but in the game the warping speed is not even closed to the one showcased in the trailer. In their defense, Hello Games claimed that the warping speed is influenced by the complexity of the destination system and on the player’s computer specs.

Now that Hello Games cleared their name, they claimed that they intend to bring all the promised features and to prove that they recently launched the “Foundation Update”. This is the first patch to be released for No Man’s Sky and it’s meant to give players a taste of what’s to come.


  1. This is bull crap! There are NO WORKING PORTALS!!! No Giant snakes in deserts like in dune. There are No crashed Freighters. Yea the ability to build a base now and buy a freighter is awesome but It was not in the original game. The flight height is so high. There is no interaction between factions, We bought a full game not a demo. WHAT THE HECK? False Advertising all around.

  2. Yeah…Pre-Orders can be cancelled, games can be returned based on whomever’s return policy.

    That said, Pre-Ordering games and Day-1 Purchases are just a bad practice which I would imagine account for a majority of NMS sales.

  3. Anyone get the feeling Sony might have bribed the judge on behalf of Hello Games? This sets some dangerous precedent and in all honesty, both Sony and Hello Games should be punished for the deception tried to pull. Heck, Sony even manually flagged youtube videos that had negative feedback about the game.

  4. Why is this turd getting any news coverage? I felt so betrayed by HG and Sony that two days after the release of NMS I sold my PS4 to gamestop and bought a fat sack with it. All the new update seems to be is frosting on a turd. Just move on and let it die, life support is just prolonging the pain.

  5. This is just absolutely unbelieveable.

    It’s just shocking to me that a supposed legal system can come to the conclusion that those videos packed to brimming with things the game didn’t have, were legitimate advertisements.

    I didn’t pre-order because I’m not an idiot, but it’s even more obvious now just how anti-consumer our legal system can be. The precedent this sets for other devs/pubs to abuse consumers is downright depressing.