Nintendo Switch Estimated International Price

Nintendo Switch Estimated International Price


This year is starting strong in terms of hardware gadgets. CES 2017, the event where all major tech companies unveiled their products just took place a few days ago and tomorrow January 12th, another great device is about to be launched. The highly anticipated Nintendo Switch console is coming our way. Everyone is hyped about this, especially since Nintendo chose not to share any hardware information.

We got lucky a couple of weeks ago when a leaked document contacting information about Switch came to light. The leaks included details about its unique handheld/home features which make Switch a hybrid console, but other than that we don’t know that much. Nonetheless, even though there isn’t that much information available, gaming fans are still enthusiastic.

Two months ago Nintendo launched Switch’s trailer on YouTube and it managed to gather over 22 million views during that period. It’s safe to say that Nintendo will be generating huge amounts of profits with the gadget. In terms of profits, everyone is speculating right now about its price and it looks like $250 will be the sum. This estimated price might be true since last month a UK retailer managed to leak Switch’s listing. The leaked information showed that the hybrid console is going to cost $250 and also right before the leaked listing tech experts were speculating that Nintendo will price the device under $300.

Although everyone seems to think that $250 will be the price, we think that this might the case but just for the standard edition. Nintendo will surely have an upgraded version of the console, maybe one that includes accessories such as the much rumored VR headset. Leaving all speculations aside, everything’s going to be cleared tomorrow.


  1. Playing Skyrim with over 50 third party developers on board? I ‘seriously doubt that it be merely android on steroids?

  2. This might not e the final price but swedish retailers are listing it for around 540 dollars.

  3. really? your combining prices becaus the consoles are combined. if they are combined, shouldn’t the price be around €500? or at least €400? telling us it should cost $250? no that’s way to cheap!

  4. If its going to cost more than the Xbone or PS4 it needs to be more powerful.