New Nokia Phone To Come Out In Partnership With Alcatel

New Nokia Phone To Come Out In Partnership With Alcatel


Nokia has been one of the most popular brands when it comes to the world of mobile phone technologies. The company, at one point of time had been at the pinnacle of the industry when it comes to mobile phones.

However, the company is a classic example of a victim of a sudden change in the consumer preferences, and they lost out their market share due to their rigidity in not adapting to the Android systems.

Nokia, which at one point of time, was the single largest name in the mobile phone markets, has today perished and has gone out of the businesses altogether. Nokia was taken over by Microsoft, and the company had signed many clauses where they were not allowed to produce any competing device with their branding for a few years, and not license any competing devices for a lesser number of years.

The company, however, is about to reach the end of their licensing clause and is now gearing up to release newer devices in association with Alcatel. Nokia and Alcatel are expected to come out with mobile phones which will start releasing around the holiday season of 2016.

These devices are expected to be on the lines of the N series of phones that Nokia created at one point of time, but would be running the Android OS. Nokia intends to amend all the mistakes they made at one point of time by introducing the Android system in their devices, as well as making them more market friendly and priced at a more affordable rate.

Nokia is also expected to jump right into the markets they were once popular for, and will also be coming out with a large number of feature phones which attain to the lowest segments of the societies. The company would be doing the same in association with Alcatel.

Nokia has also been rumored to come out into the markets with their own devices once their no-compete clause expires and the company has some killer plans in mind. Nokia is also being anticipated to be currently working on Virtual Reality devices, and towards medical technologies too. Nokia has also been reported in the past to be working on devices which can capture more effective videos in 360 degree.

We have to wait till the year ends to know what Nokia and Alcatel have in mind.

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  1. Looking forward to this, always relied on Nokia-Opera-Tmobile for years…all gone!
    Just hope they’re rootable and not too low spec. Still have an Asha 503 in the cupboard for it’s 5Mp camera + flash for under £40..