New Co-Op Mode To Feature In New Uncharted 4 Update

New Co-Op Mode To Feature In New Uncharted 4 Update


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is set to receive a Survival Mode upgrade thus making the pride and joy game of developer Naughty Dog end 2016 with a bang. This update is to kick the game a step further if that was even possible considering the fact that it topped sales for a long period of time ever since its release.

The update was announced via Twitch livestream where the guys from Naughty Dog scheduled it to hit on December 14th as Downloadable Content. Players who own the game on PlayStation also had access to a sneak peak in early December.

It will take about 3.7GB of storage space to download which is perfectly fine if one bears in mind the multiple features that it offers. The Survival Mode is its new event and players can choose whether if they play it alone or on Co-Op mode. Fans will have access to a wide range of difficulty levels, namely easy, moderate, hard, crushing and last but not least the highly anticipated hardcore mode. Players are to defend their base from 50 waves of enemies, each one of them getting harder to beat as the mode progresses onwards. Every 10 waves players will encounter a boss fight against the Pirate Warlords.

Players will be rewarded new relics after finishing some stages of the mode. As he progresses forward, the player will receive even more relics based on the time he or she spent alive. Some features will become unlockable such as different versions of Djinn Skull headgear and new skins and items.

Another great addition that this update brings features a new PvP mode entitled King of The Hill which is currently under beta testing and players will also see the light of two new maps entitled Prison and Train Wreck.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End made its appearance in May 2016 on Playstation 4 and ever since it has enjoyed a great degree of popularity.

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  1. Kind of hard for standard PlayStation 4 to hundle this graphics in split screen, Plan B “Downgrading the graphics for this idea is not a great idea”, Specify the feature for PS4 Pro version is not good idea either.

  2. Really excited about this. U4’s MP is very lackluster, even compared to U3’s mp which is just bad. So hopefully this co-op mode has been worth the wait and actually has the best from U2 and U3 co-op modes and more.

  3. Now if we could only get an update that allows for certain custom skins other cosmetics to be turned off.