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New 4K Apple TV Rumored to Feature A10X Fusion Chipset, 3GB RAM and Dedicated Controller


Today marks ten years since Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone and Apple is expected to commemorate that by launching the highly anticipated iPhone 8. However, that’s not all since iPhone 8 will also be accompanied by a “mysterious” device. Fortunately for us, that device is not mysterious anymore since a leakster found out that it’s actually going to be a new 4K Apple TV.

Premium 4K Apple TV

The leakster managed to find this valuable piece of information by digging through Apple’s codes. To be more exact, the leakster reported that Apple is getting ready to unveil a 4K TV that will be powered by an A10X Fusion processor alongside 3GB of RAM. These specs are really impressive and they will make Apple’s TV one of the most powerful TV sets ever built.

A10X Fusion Chipset

While this chipset is something that we would expect to see on iPad Pro, Apple decided to equip it on its TV as well. The reason why Apple wanted its TV to be so powerful is so that its able to offer immersive and fluid 4K content playback and to improve gaming experiences. Nonetheless, Apple is bringing TV entertainment to the next level and other companies such as Samsung are surely going to follow.

Dedicated Controller

What’s interesting is that a long while ago, Apple was rumored to be working on a dedicated Apple TV controller. This controller would bring some competition to the likes of Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and even Nintendo Switch. However, these rumors were quickly dismissed once Apple denied them.

The Cupertino based tech giant is known for loving to work in secrecy and no one should be surprised if Apple announces that its upcoming 4K TV will be bundled with a special gaming controller. Although, Microsoft and Sony have nothing to fear since their gaming console are more powerful.