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Never Get Bored Again with TubeMate for Nokia Lumia Edition


If your favorite smartphone is a Nokia Lumia, then you came to the right place since we are going to present an app which will help you make the device so much more fun to use. The app we are talking about is called Tubemate and it gives Nokia Lumia smartphone owners the ability to download any video or audio file they want.

TubeMate for Nokia Lumia

There are many apps which can be used to download online videos, but all of them pale in comparison with TubeMate. The reason we are saying this is because TubeMate is packed with a bunch of cool features and its software has been optimized to download videos from highly popular streaming platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

TubeMate is renowned for being able to download all sorts of video formats, but the best thing about it is that it downloads files at fast speeds. The app also features a cool setting that allows Nokia Lumia owners to save all downloaded files directly on their microSD card, thus saving up previous storage space.

Background Downloads

Talking about downloads, we need to mention that TubeMate performs all downloads in the background. What this means is that TubeMate doesn’t lock any smartphone while downloading videos and Nokia Lumia fans can complete other tasks such as sending a text or surfing the web while their favorite videos are being downloaded.

MP3 Converter

Another great feature that TubeMate is known for is its built-in MP3 converter. This feature makes it possible for Nokia Lumia fans to download YouTube music videos and to convert them to MP3 files, thus expanding their music library for free. In addition, TubeMate also allows users to share videos and songs with their friends.