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Mozilla Firefox Quantum Download Available with An Incredibly Fast and Foxy Experience


The most recent overhaul from Mozilla is Firefox Quantum which now has just entered beta stage and is getting close to a public release.

And we couldn’t be happier, since a faster browser means a faster web browsing and a more efficient work – for people who use it for their businesses.

Firefox Quantum is a response to Google Chrome, which is their challenger. Firefox Quantum will be useful on multi-core systems, as many computers are today. This way it will work in parallel with other cores and will not put all the process on a single one.

Another way of improving performance is prioritizing tabs by fully loading the tab that you use and rendering it fast before others that are in background. This way testing showed that Firefox Quantum is 30% faster than Chrome regarding RAM usage.

Performance was also improved by killing 469 bugs that interfered with it and removing bottlenecks was also a success in improving the speed.

Amazing New Design and Other Features Will Come With Firefox Quantum

Other changes from a classic Mozilla Firefox would be that the Firefox Quantum has a minimalist UI, reimagined due the hard work of the Photon Project which helped to redesign and engineer it.

The design will help you faster access what you need, so we could say it is… well, foxy!

It’s a fluid design which addresses both normal PC and Touch display PCs, changing the size of the menus depending on what you use to interact – be it finger or mouse. The browser looks amazing on high DPI displays.

There’s also a feature called Pocket that will allow you save some pages in offline mode and you can have in on PC, Android and iOS and save everything for later in offline mode.

The Firefox Quantum will be available on 14 November, but if you can’t wait until then you can get the beta version on desktop, Android and iOS.